Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toronto Graffiti Lanes @Keele Station

Intense graffiti lane 
east of Keele Subway Station

Nothing spells urban stroll like a walk down a graffiti lane! Amidst not so pretty tags (artists signatures) and beginners' throw-ups (inflated letters), you find ambitious pieces (words drawn with an obvious mastery of the medium) and amazing murals (at the top of the food chain in the graffiti world).

King Midas mural
I came across the splendid mural with King Midas by chance, driving back from a friend's place along Indian Road in High Park. The mural is located by the parking lot at the eastern exit of Keele Subway Station.

It is flanked with pieces from masters and the mural of a cool monkey exquisitely crafted.
The area is under construction but you can access the lane on the east side of Indian Road. Along the next few blocks, you'll find more murals. (Peek into Dorval Street to see more whimsy on the businesses facades.)

This is a great stroll to do with teenagers.
About graffiti art
Did you know that there's a code of conduct generally agreed upon in the graffiti community? You can draw on top of a graffiti as long as you execute something more ambitious. Anything can go over tags, a piece is acceptable on top of a throw-up, and a mural can cover a piece. 

When the community identifies a culprit who drew over a mural, the word spreads out and they go after his other artworks in the city to cover them as a payback.

While you're there
The graffiti lane is just 5 minutes away from High Park and less than 10 minutes from Café Novo (west of Keele, in front of the park), serving good coffee and yummy treats.

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