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TOP-10 favourite things at Toronto Christmas Market 2013

The Toronto Christmas Market 2013 goes on until December 15. It is utterly charming with the tall Christmas tree, Santa in high spirit and teasing everyone, music all around, and lamp posts and little lights throwing a yellow glow over it all. (Update: In 2015, the Christmas Market goes on from Nov. 20 to Dec. 20)

Here are my TOP-10 favourite things about the market this year (in no particular order). 
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1) Peeping through the windows
Toronto Christmas Market is a great excuse to visit the Distillery. The Victorian vibe of this historic district perfectly suits the event. When it gets dark, the brightly lit indoors contrast beautifully with the austere brick walls of the buildings.
Looking inside Balzac's Coffee from the main plaza.
2) Glass Christmas ornaments
There are plenty of vendors selling food but several booths really put Christmas in the Christmas Market. At the Christmas on the Beach booth (on Trinity Street) you'll find a vast assortment of glass ornaments. I didn't know these colourful ornaments were made out of glass until I watched a video in this booth. No wonder they're so fragile! 

3) Wooden Christmas ornaments
In addition to lovely tree ornaments at Euro Living booth (across from the Brick Street Bakery), I saw small 3-D cut-outs and nativity scenes, a piggy bank cut in a log, an apple with a secret drawer, beautiful wooden hearts, tiny scenes in a match box and more.

4) Original Christmas treat... for dogs
"Dogs are people too!" said the lady in the middle booth on Trinity Street. She'll carrying edible Christmas cards for dogs!

5) A new take on the Twelve Days of Christmas
In the middle of Santa's Lane (Gristmill Lane), discover the quirky series of books by Troy Townsin. His most popular title is A Moose in a Maple Tree (also available in French). Sing "and a moose in a maple tree" to the tune of the Twelve days of Christmas to get the idea. There's also the Night Before a Canadian Christmas and Canadian Jingle Bells, in books and CDs and T-shirts.

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6) Maple Syrup candles

You'll find another truly Canadian gift idea in Santa's Lane. Look for the booth with trademark maple syrup tins. Look closer. They are maple scented travel candles with a wooden wick (which means the candle crackles like a little fire when you light it!). This booth belongs to gallery/shop Len (located at 698 Coxwell Avenue, just north of Danforth).

7) Candles in a vintage Mason jar
The first booth in Case Goods Lane offers candles in genuine vintage Mason jars. (The thick wick ensures they burn to the bottom of the jar.) 

8) Outdoor patios with heaters and fires
I've check and the heaters in the outdoor Beer Gardens section truly warm up the place. Also check the large fireplace in the outdoor patio of über cool Mexican restaurant El Catrin in Tank House Lane. 

9) Old fashioned brass band
The Salvation Army's brass band walks around the site to spread the joyful sound of Christmas.

The Scat'r Bugs on the main stage
10) Christmas shows a cappella on the main stage
On the Market's main stage, near Balzac's Coffee, we get to hear top quality a capella singers throughout the event. 

I strongly suggest you attend the amazing performances of the four a cappella signers of Cadence. They will perform Sunday December 8 at 12 noon and at 1:30 p.m. Check this video to get a taste of what Cadence has in store for you. 

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