Monday, October 26, 2015

Mimico Creek Path: I love surprises in the middle of the city

Yep! This scene was capture in a residential Toronto area!

Mimico Creek Path is a hidden little gem just a few blocks south of Bloor Street West in Etobicoke, the western part of Toronto. The whole loop described here is less than 1-km long (see map at the end of the photo gallery).

I had noticed a clearing at the end of dead-end Meadowvale Drive, which normally announces a small ravine. Wanting to take some photos of fall colours, I decided to go down the path and explore the surroundings.

Be warned, this is a diamond in the rough. The trail may be slippery, and at times a bit challenging (climbing up and down some big boulders by the creek at some point). You will notice a bit of litter here and there, and probably a few tags airbrushed on the retaining walls by the cascade. But if you look at the right place...

The joyful sound of the water running down the creek; the glorious beauty of the sun through the trees and the fall colours reflecting on the smooth dark creek; and the wall by the water creating a decent platform to sit and sip and admire (there's a Starbucks coffee shop at Thompson Avenue and Bloor West, with the bakery Bake Sale on the Kingsway across the street, a mere 3-minute walk away).
View of lovely Meadowvale Drive on the east side of Thompson Avenue

West of Thompson Avenue, Meadowvale Drive is the dead-end trail with a path leading to Mimico Creek Path. One would think this is a private backyard but the yellow fire hydrant in the middle of the small trail tells you otherwise.
You soon hear the stream. Turn left to access the wider part of the creek.

Bake Sale on the Kingsway (3076 Bloor West) is at just across from the Starbucks.,-79.5141226,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xe09a1b3c9aae5bd6

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