Monday, July 7, 2014

What's not to #DistilleryLove?

As the author and publisher of three Toronto guides, always on the lookout for the cool things in and around our city, I've loved The Distillery from the start. 

It is in the Time Travel chapter of Toronto Fun Places, and I created The Distillery Red Brick Stroll in Toronto Urban Strolls 1 to better enjoy this attraction. 
Bergo Design at The Distillery usually carries my guides.

But I have more reasons to appreciate the historic district. As a marketing girl, I also have a few clients. Prologue is one of them. Their office is in the heart of The Distillery, and I'm there every week. 

Everyone loves working at The Distillery. And now that they have launched the #DistilleryLove Twitter campaign, Prologue and I are using it as an excuse to share all the little things we love about it (in no particular order). Enjoy!

About Prologue

Prologue to the Performing Arts is a not-for-profit provincial & bilingual organisation booking over 2,200 performances for young audiences in the schools and in public venues throughout Ontario.
For almost 50 years now, they've scouted the artistic scene to find the best performing arts to present into the schools and before young audiences. You can follow them on Facebook to show your support to arts education.
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 1
How The Distillery keeps evolving and improving!
Here, the "after" and the "before of Case Goods Lane
(featuring very slick Caffe Furbo)
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 2
Coffee break at Balzac's Coffee
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 3
Surprises at every corner
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 4
View from Prologue's office in Case Goods Building 

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 5
The metal cut-outs around Mexican restaurant El Catrin
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 6
Sense of humour by Mini Mioche kids clothing store 
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 7
Vintage charm everywhere
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 8
French signs at Balzac's
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 9
The little Lovebot on Trinity Street, one of the 100 Love Robots which invaded Toronto,
placed here in recognition of Green Moxie. Read the full story on (Update Sept. 2014: It's not there anymore!)

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 10
Vintage charm of a truck

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 11
Air-conditioned café inside Young Centre

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 12
Architectural detail

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 13
Gift shopping at Bergo Design

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 14
Vintage structure inside Case Goods Building, from when the bottles were on the roll

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 15
En Catrin Mexican patio, even prettier at night

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 16
Lovers' lock on the LOVE structure

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 17
The pear and brie grilled cheese at Sweet Escape. Yum!

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 18
The kids section in Bergo's back store
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 19
Vintage recipe collage on tables at Sweet Escape

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 20
Romeo and Juliet balcony-like structure. Romeo, where art thou?

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 21
Vintage signs
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 22
Window shopping

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 23
Take-outs from the Brick Street Bakery
(sausage rolls to die for)

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 24
Vintage elevator in Case Goods Building (not for public use)

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 25
The Distillery artifacts all around the site

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 26
Artsy display of artifacts (here, Toronto's earliest sewer pipes)

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 27
Bilingual signs at every historic artifacts. Bien. Très bien!

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 28
The shops/studios in Case Goods Building (open Wednesday to Sunday)

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 29
Young Centre's policy of allowing drinks inside the theatre!
(No need to rush during the intermission of SoulPepper plays.)

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 30
View of the CN Tower over the Victorian roofs

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 31
The Flatiron-like building at Mill and Parliament

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 32
The futuristic giant spider

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 33
The historic signs reminding us what used to be
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 34
French signs at Balzac's

Prologue's #DistilleryLove 35
The giant alambic installation reminding the origin of The Distillery
Prologue's #DistilleryLove 36
Vintage truck straight from Pixar's Cars

Liked these? 
Yes, it would make us happy!

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