Monday, June 2, 2014

Strolling around Liberty Village

I spy public art
The historic buildings give an interesting vibe to the area but at first sight, there doesn't seem to be much else to see around Liberty Village (south-east of Dufferin and King). 

When doing research, I actually found enough urban surprises to create the LIBERTY VILLAGE Factory Stroll (Stroll #20 in Toronto Urban Strolls 1).

I recently was in Liberty Village to visit the new location of Moses Znaimer MZTV Museum (see the photo gallery in this post I wrote in French about the museum). 

Here are the best shots of what's around, including a quick look at the gorgeous merchandise in West Elm's huge lifestyle store, and Louis Café, the coffee shop which just opened two weeks ago.

On my way to MZTV Museum (on Jefferson), I noticed that the Liberty Market Café has cranked up the signage around its patio.

South of the Museum, on the east side of Jefferson, there's an alley lined with murals illustrating the evolution of the industrial hub. At the end of the alley, you see the largest parking lot of Liberty Village.

Balzac's Coffee Shop at Liberty and Hanna 
Going south on Hanna to Snooker Street
Starbucks on Snooker, east of Hanna
Patio of Mildred's Kitchen Temple down the alley  at the foot of Hanna
The alley between Mildred's and West Elm store

They have a coffee bar!

See what I mean? 

There's more...

The Roastery (back on Liberty Street, west of Hanna)

See the photo gallery of the BenchMark project responsible for all the decorated benches throughout Liberty Village. My favourites are located at the corner of Liberty and Fraser, near the very cool School Restaurant.

On the School's facade

There used to be a carpet factory on the premises, hence this beautiful mural near the parking lot in the back of the School Restaurant. Continue in the alley around the mural and you'll find the best historic buildings of Liberty Village and Caffino, a very good Italian restaurant.

Caffino's side patio
Louis Café, a new coffee shop on King Street, west of Fraser

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