Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Last Hunt: The future of books?

My next project as an author will certainly be an eBook! In the Globe, Simon Houpt told us about this new form of interactive production by the NFB: The Last Hunt. It made we wonder if this it the future of books?

Not long to watch and a perfect activity for a short coffee break, The Last Hunt takes more after books than films, presented as a gorgeous animated photo album, with music in the background. You're not told the story, you have to read it. As you scroll down, some images in the text get animated. (The photos are by photographer Montreal-based Alexi Hobbs accompanying his grandfather to his cabin.)

I don't know how much it costs to produce such an "eBook" but I could see it changing the way we read books in the very near future.

Fun fact: When you google "the last hunt", the first website that pops up has nothing poetic about it! It is a bargain website, featuring a polar bear's head with the tag line "Hurry up before they disappear!".

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